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Rescue Cats

Occasionally as breeders, we are approached with requests to help "rescue" animals.  When we have the space available we are glad to help out the kitties less fortunate. This page will showcase and spotlight those we have available here.  If you have the time, patience and love to devote to one or more of these beauties, please let us know!A Rescue Siamese
   We've met all kinds of people who breed cats in all kinds of situations, some good and some, well, not so good. One thing that's clear is that those who love cats will hold on to them long beyond a reasonable time.

   We were recently contacted by a local "backyard" breeder who found herself in just such a situation. She fell ill and, despite knowing how difficult it would be, tried desperately to hold on to her cats. Which proved impossible. As a result we now have several poorly socialized cats that we have promised to find new homes for. These are not registered Siamese, though that is what they look and act like. They appear healthy -- one little guy has special dietary needs, however. As stated, none of them are well socialized though they will likely settle down given the right environment.

   They are beautiful animals! We just could not allow them to be put down. Our space and time is very limited, though. We need help! Please contact us if you have the patience and desire to offer one (or more!) of these unlucky kitties a second chance and a permanent home. 
   Here's a list of the cats we've agreed to find homes for:

   Click on a link for a photo of the cat described. We're happy to send more photos by email for serious inquiries but please don't expect the images to be as good as our usual photos. These guys are not used to the attention and handling.
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