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GlasSlipper Traditional Siamese Cats

Cynthia and Grant DeLanoy of GlasSlipper Cattery
Cynthia and Grant DeLanoy have been owned by Siamese cats all their lives.

Why I Breed Traditional Siamese Cats

   My first encounter with the Siamese breed came when I was very young. My Aunt Rene had a 'little surprise' waiting one day when I came to visit, a seal point Siamese kitten, and he rapidly became my best friend. I immediately dubbed him 'Charlie Brown' (as only a three-year old would): his official name was registered as such. Charlie and I had numerous adventures together whenever I could convince my parents to take me to Auntie's house. Charlie was quickly followed by 'Charlie Brown II.' They were forever after known as Big Charlie and Little Charlie.

   Shortly after Little Charlie joined the ranks, my grandmother received a third seal point, Charlie Chan. All 'my' Charlies were the traditional, applehead variety. All lived full lives, twenty years and more. All were even tempered, gentle and friendly. No one will ever convince me they weren't the most noble of all pets.

   I truly love the traditional Siamese look and temperament so when I decided to breed cats there was no other choice for me. I intend to promote and improve the applehead Siamese breed, to preserve the look and character I remember and love from my childhood. There are no finer cats than these regal creatures. Their physical beauty is rivaled only by their personalities. They are loyal and affectionate, with each other, their people and even other household pets.

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